7,200 Calories BurnedSilver Comet 5.0
5,900 Feet ClimbedFrom Marion to Mt. Mitchell
730 Feet Through BrushyMountain Tunnel

Meet Your Guides

Having completed rides with the guys of Carolina Cycling Tours on a few occasions, I came away very pleased with how the ride leaders not only present themselves but I felt comfortable and safe. To top it off I came away a better cyclist. They were very attentive to the riders needs and didn’t push a pace that got anyone in trouble. They knew the routes and made sure we stayed together. Ride support was key and a support van made sure we were well fed and had all the supplies we needed. You never had the feeling you were in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t easily get back in case of a break down. The ride guides were knowledgeable and social and I had fantastic time. But the most important part was getting to know the guys and I came away with friendships that can only be formed on 2 wheels. Thanks guys, I’m looking forward to more miles with the guys of Carolina Cycling Tours.
Chris Withers